Although the name of this font is Sweet Rebecca, it is in actuality about a memory of my father. He passed away suddenly of an unexpected heart attack when I was 18 years old.  He was running the Annapolis 10 mile race.  As an experienced runner and only 47 years old, this was a complete shock to everyone.  The watch I was wearing stopped at the time he passed, only I didn't know it yet because I was home.  When I realized why it had stopped, I noted the strong metaphor for the grief our family felt.  He is still a part of my life and sends me signs that he is still here as I journey through this life.  

Daddy gave me the nickname, "Sweet Rebecca" when I was a little girl.  I can still hear his voice saying it in a distinct sing-song way when he'd enter a room.  I'd also sing back to him in the same tone "Sweet Re-daddy."  During the time of creating this font, I happened to look through an old family album and noticed that he had written the captions under the photos in that one.  Usually my mom wrote the captions.  But in this album, underneath a picture of me in my First Communion dress, Daddy had written, "SWEET REBECCA" in his usual ALL CAPS handwriting.  It seemed like he knew what art project I was working on.  Though the tragic loss has been difficult, I look back on my childhood with gratitude for the wonderful life we had with him.  And I will always be his Sweet Rebecca.  

Sweet Rebecca

My childhood memories revolve around my family, and so often my 5 senses bring forth these thoughts.  A scent, or a sound, and it takes me back to a time when life felt carefree and special.  I am forever thankful. Creating meaning in artwork has a feeling or emotion behind it, and this is my way of remembering some of my favorite things from growing up. 

I've begun my font-making  journey in honor of my loved ones. 


As each font is released, I will add the story to accompany it.