Who should invest in the art e-courses?  The lessons are designed for students ages 12 and up, as well as adults.  If your child is younger than 12 and has a talent for drawing, this might suit them as well too.  Watch a free video on the Art Education page to learn more.  What are the fonts for? Anyone. If you type on a computer, then you can purchase my fonts to install and use for everyday typing, letters, cards, and creative projects.  Artists and photographers can use fonts on their websites, or for advertising and logos. 

Welcome! If you are an aspiring artist, creative, or art enthusiast (basically anyone), you are in the right place! Anyone who appreciates art and design, regardless of their skill level, may find some value in this art corner. Rebecca Leigh Studio was designed to teach art lessons online, as well as provide access to fonts and illustrations for use in your creative projects.  So take a look around and see what piques your interest. Fellow newborn and baby photographers; there's an art e-course here for you too!  See Art Education.


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Dream it & Make it! Learn foundational drawing skills and apply them to your creative projects.  I'll show you how to view things in a different light.  You can learn to take what your eye sees and translate it into shape and form.  Drawing always came naturally to me, and my inner desire to create was a strong force since I was a little girl.  I see the world of art with endless possibilities and to each art problem, I find many solutions.  I created Rebecca Leigh Studio because of my identity as an artist and my calling to create.  I am most fulfilled when I am making art.  Will you join me?

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